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Consommer une eau saine n’est plus un luxe

L’ECOLUX est un purificateur portatif sur évier qui élimine les mauvais goûts et les mauvaises odeurs de votre eau. Facile à installer, L’ ECOLUX se branche directement sur votre robinet et vous garantit une eau pure à volonté.

Son écran digital vous informe sur la durée de vie de la cartouche de filtration et sur le débit. (jusqu’à 200 l/heure maximum).


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  • Evans Lazar dit :


    I bought a Ecolux purifier water system in Mauritius in 2008 and I brought it in Australia. I would like to use it here but I noticed that your technical filtering information is limited to non-existant. Saying that it removes odours and bad taste does not help at all. I would like to know if your filters remove anything from rust, sand, chlorine, fluoride, calcium compounds (e.g. limescale), medicinal residues, pesticides and herbicides, cleaning products and much more. Does the filter have an antibacterial coating which inhibits the growth of bacteria within the filter making sure that it’s safe to drink at all times?

    Thanks for letting me know and have a lovely day,

    • Dom'Eau dit :

      Hi Evans,

      The Ecolux water purifier is equipped with a Domeau cartridge that filters:
      1. suspended solids (sediment) – sand, rust etc
      2. bacteria – low micron filtration material
      3. chemicals and metal compounds like chlorine, lead etc
      4. organic matter (any breaking down material that cause bad taste and odour)

      So be assured that you can drink safely the purified water. It is recommended to change your cartridge after a maximum of one year usage. Of course, that will depend on the water quality in the area where you reside.

      Do not hesitate to contact us, should you need further info.


      Domeau Team

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